Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's Try-Day Friday! September 17, 2010

Product: Legendary Corvettes: 'Vettes Made Famous On Track And Screen (hardcover book)



Many of the books I review on and elsewhere are NASCAR-related. So, at first glance, you may be wondering why I'm covering this new book about Corvettes.

Here are a few reasons: 1) It's an excellent book about a car that, like NASCAR itself, is a prominent part of American motorsports; 2) There is a NASCAR connection, as you will soon see; 3) The book was just published; and, 4) I have a brand-new copy, retail U.S. price $35.00, to send to one lucky Twitter follower! Details on the giveaway at the end.

Ask anyone to name the iconic American sports car and chances are a majority of respondents will cite the Chevy Corvette. As the inside jacket of the book notes, "The Corvette has remained a beloved symbol of freedom, power, and speed."

But not all Corvettes are created equal. Having been in production for more than half a century now, some 'Vettes have achieved what the author describes as legendary, even "mythical" status. Legendary Corvettes chronicles the stories of 18 such celebrated vehicles in 175 pages of text combined with many breathtaking photos.